Upcoming Tox-related Meetings for June and July 2000

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June 2000 meetings

European Society for Pharmacology and International Society for the Study of
11-16 June, Fife, Scotland, UK, e-mail dmwissx2000 at meetingmakers.co.uk

Symposium on Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Threats in the 21st Century.
Assn. of Finnish Chemical Societies. 13-15 June. Espoo, Finland.

National Environmental Health Assn. Conference and Exposition. Denver,
Colorado, USA. June 15-19, http://www.neha.org/

Role of Neural Plasticity in Chemical Intolerance. New York Acad. of
Sciences. New York City, June 16-19, http://www.nyas.org

International Interdisciplinary Conf. on the Environment. Montreal, Canada.
June 21-24, http://champion.iupui.edu/~mreiter/iea.htm


July 2000 meetings

Urban 21: Global Conference on the Urban Future, Bonn, Germany, July 4-6.

Int. Symposium on the Biosafety of Gentically-Modified Organisms. Saskatoon,
Canada. July 8-13, http://www.ag.usask.ca/

Int. Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations. Stresa, Italy, July 10-14,
e-mail mdipaola at mafservizi.it

Mechanisms of Toxicity, Gordon Research Conference Series. Plymouth State
College, New Hampshire, USA, July 23-28, http://www.grc.uri.edu/

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