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Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones Web site

Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier

Environmental hormone 2001

o ED NEWS   (Updated 11/27/00)

-- News roundup
    Pesticide produces Parkinson's symptoms
    CDC measures human exposure
    US EPA bans ethyl parathion
    Arctic dioxin from North American sources

-- Government actions
    NTP seeks comments on phthalates
    NTP considers estrogen as carcinogen
    Dioxin draft reports available

-- Media madness
    -  Teens before their time, Time Magazine.
    -  Kids at risk, Ladies Home Journal.
    -  Critically ill infants most at risk from plastic softener,
       Environment News Service.
    -  Drugged drinking water, Environmental Health Perspectives
    -  Chemical Awareness:
         Endocrine disrupters list scientifically inadequate
         Pharmaceuticals in the environment
         Pharmaceutical agents, cancer, and the environment
         Endometriosis and dioxin

-- Web mania
    -  Children's Environmental Health web site
    -  Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors Program
(BCERF) web site updates

--  Books, reports & more
    -  Conference proceedings: Chemicals under the Spotlight
    -  Canadian report: Nonylphenol and its ethoxylates
    -  New book: Children's Environmental Health:  Reducing Risk
in a Dangerous World

o RESEARCH BRIEFS   (Updated 11/27/00)

-- Eight new research papers

o CONFERENCE KIOSK   (Updated 11/27/00)

-- New conference listings:

   12/2/00: Speaker Lindsey Berkson discusses her book Hormone
Deception: How everyday foods and products are disrupting our
hormones and how to protect yourself and your family, Tulane
University Center, New Orleans, LA

   12/7-8/00: National Conference on Science, Policy, and the
Environment, Washington, D.C.

   7/8-12/01: 9th International Congress of Toxicology, Brisbane,

   10/9-11/01:Pharmaceuticals and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals
in Water, Minneapolis, Minnesota

   10/14-17/01: e.hormone 2001, New Orleans, Louisiana

o MEDIA COVERAGE   (Updated 11/27/00)

-- 18 new articles.

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