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Lisa lisse at saintmail.net
Sat Jan 8 07:11:30 EST 2000

Dear Graham,

Thank you for replying.

Let me answer your last question first - Yes, _officially_ there are
supposed to be "regulations", including "PLANNING REGULATIONS", - but
Graham, please bear in mind the following two things:

    1. Malaysia is a Third World Country

    2. Malaysia is one of the MOST CORRUPTED country in the world

        - corruption is EVERYWHERE, straight from the TOP LEVEL
          of the Malaysian government, down to lowly "regulation

The people here are essentially POWERLESS to do anything, because A. The
government has the backing of the military and secret police, and they
are not afraid of using terror to scare the people back in line, and B.
The so called "DEMOCRACY" is a joke. The so called "ELECTION" was filled
with frauds, with over SIX HUNDRED THOUSANDS voters found themselves NOT
ALLOWED TO VOTE, because of "technicalities", and ballot-box stuffings
happened almost everywhere.

So to answer your question "Are there no planning regulations in
Malaysia ?" the answer is Yes, but they were NEVER implemented. People
can get around with _ANY_ regulation if they STUFF MONEY into the pocket
of the officers in charged of enforcing the "regulations".

Shell Malaysia is OVERFLOWING with MONEY. In fact, Shell Malaysia
commands THE LARGEST SHARE of Malaysia's petroleum (gasoline) market. I
do NOT want to make any baseless accusation here, but it isn't that hard
to imagine Shell not using some of their overflowing pot of gold to
fatten up some officers in charge of safety regulations and planning
regulations. After all, one more Shell station up is ONE MORE MONEY
MAKING MACHINE for Shell Oil Company.

Who cares about the safety and health of ANYBODY when MONEY is

To answer your question "Is their no way of legally/officially objecting
to this decision?" my answer is this - If I am RICHER than Shell Oil
Company, there will be MANY WAYS for me. But unfortunately, I am NOT

You see, the court system in Malaysia is corrupted as well. Even if I
sue Shell Malaysia, they can throw my case out, AND THEN get the court
to impose a HEFTY PENALTY on me, for "ruining the reputation of Shell

There _had_ been precendents before. In Malaysia, there had been cases
of individuals making some remarks regarding some wealthy bigshots
and/or big conglomerates, and the individuals ended up having FINED by
the Malaysian court for MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR DAMAGES for "damaging the
reputations" of those bigshots / businesses. I have to add that Shell
Malaysia so far hasn't done this kind of thing yet, but that doesn't
mean they will NOT do it, right?

To answer your question "Can the parents be mobalised/organised?" my
answer is First, I have to find ways to EDUCATE the parents. Most of the
Malaysians are NOT THAT WELL EDUCATED. Most of them don't know the TRUE
DANGER for so many things.

You will be amazed (or TERRIFIED) with the way Malaysians doing things.
There are SO MANY TIMES I have witnessed people SMOKING CIGARETTES WHILE
PUMPING GAS, and even with EXPLOSIONS of gas stations (yes, there HAD
BEEN SEVERAL EXPLOSIONS of gas stations in Malaysia !!) most people here
still have much difficulties to understand the connection of SMOKING
INSIDE GAS STATIONS and the EXPLOSIONS of gas stations !

I know, it _IS_ very frustrating at times, when I think about things
like this.

One of the easiest way to educate the parents is by printing leaflets
outlining the DANGERS of gas stations, and even the VERY ACT of printing
leaflets can get you trouble (LEGALLY) in Malaysia.

You see, in Malaysia, there are lots of DRACONIAN LAWS in the book. One
of the draconian law is the PRINTING ACT - that is, if you print
something the government doesn't like, they can LEGALLY CHARGE YOU in
the court, with trumped up charges.

So what can I do? Sincerely I do not know.

That is why I come online, to the internet, SEEKING IDEAS and HELPS from
anyone who are willing to offer tips or whatever help they can offer.

I have to stress that I am NOT anti-Shell, or anti-ANYTHING.

The only thing I am trying to do is to CLOSE DOWN A SHELL GAS STATION
which has OVER ONE THOUSAND STUDENTS currently studying there !

I have written to Shell Malaysia, I have called them up, I have faxed
them, I have tried EVERYTHING to contact them, but they (Shell Malaysia)
APPEAL, and they are deteremined to GET THAT GAS STATION (in final phase
of completion) in OPERATION.

I do not know what you call it in the UK or elsewhere, but over here, I
call it EVIL.

Anyone willing to sacrify the SAFETY and HEALTH of OVER ONE THOUSAND
SMALL CHILDREN for money are NOT good people.

To me, NO AMOUNT OF MONEY can buy the health and safety of small
children. THE CHILDREN'S LIVES ARE NOT FOR SALE, but so far, Shell
Malaysia seems to think that there _IS_ a price tag on the lives of
small children in Malaysia, and to them, the price tag MUST BE SMALL,
because they totally DISREGARD the lives of OVER ONE THOUSAND LITTLE

To answer your question "Can the school staff, or even the kids do
something?" my answer is the school staffs have the SAME LEVEL of
EDUCATION as most of the Malaysian people - that is to say, NOT MUCH.

And the kids? If their parents aren't aware of ANYTHING, who am I to
tell the kids that their parents are IGNORANT ?

This sounds VERY HOPELESS, isn't it?

But I am NOT giving up. I STEADFASTLY REFUSE to give up, because I think
what I am trying to do is RIGHT. I am STILL TRYING TO FIND WAYS, and IF

Someone once told me that there may be environmental groups in Holland
that may be able to put some pressure on Shell Oil's World Headquarter
in Holland. I have sent an email to the Green Peace group in Holland
three days ago, and so far, I have NOT received any reply from them. I
hope they will reply me.

And in the meantime, if you, or ANYONE YOU KNOW, know of any group of
people, inside or outside of Holland who may know how to put pressure on
Shell Oil Company, please get them to contact me. I sure would very much
need the help from ANYONE willing to help me.

I know, I know, I am sounding like a crusader, but I am NOT a crusader.
I am only a simple person, in my twenties, just finished my education
from the United States, and working for a small company in Malaysia.

Am I alone in my concern? I do not think so.

Four days ago, some one wrote a "Letter to the Editor" to a local
newspaper "The Star" pointing out the danger of having a petrol station
beside heavily populated area. Apparently the person was refering to the
SAME SCHOOL I am concerned with. I have contacted the paper, trying to
find out who was it who wrote that "Letter to the Editor", hoping that
perhaps I can join forces with that person.

Unfortunately the newspaper did not keep any record of who sent them
what. So I am back to square one, trying to deal with this matter on my

Anyway, here is the re-hashed blurb of what is going on:

Shell Malaysia, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company, in Malaysia, is
constructing a new gas station NEXT DOOR to an elementary school, which

The gas station is in its final stage of completion, and I expect it
will be operational in one or two weeks' time.

The elementary school's name is Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Cina)
Sin Kang, or in short form, S.R.J.K (C) Sin Kang, and it is located at
Thean Tek Road, in Bandar Baru Ayer Itam, (the locals here call the
place "Farlim"), in the state of Penang, Malaysia.

What I am trying to do is to prevent the gas station from being
operational, because I am aware of the danger of explosion of gas
station, which may kill many of the little school children studying in
the school building RIGHT NEXT DOOR, and in Malaysia, gas stations _had_
exploded before, because of poor safety practices and non-existence of
safety-regulation enforcement in Malaysia.

I am also worried about the health of the young school children, over
one thousand of them, because their school building is ONLY 10 METERS
AWAY from the gas station.

The chemical Benzene, which is HIGHLY TOXIC and also a proven CARCINOGEN
to human beings, is present in gasoline. The boiling point of Benzene is
27 degree Celcius (80 degree Fehrenheit) and Penang is in the TROPICAL
CLIMATE, which means, ALL YEAR LONG, the temperature reaches ABOVE 27
degree Celcius, - reaches as high as 35 degrees on some days -, which
means, for the school children, EVERY SCHOOL DAY they have to breathe in
Benzene fumes generated by the gasoline station RIGHT NEXT DOOR, and if
you multiply up to EIGHT HOURS per school day the children have to spend
at the school, by the over 280 days per year, AND by the SIX YEARS it
takes an elementary school children to graduate from the elementary
school, we get an alarming result of 13,440 HOURS of BENZENE
INTOXICATION for each and every of the OVER ONE THOUSAND school

With enough concentration, Benzene has proven to be able to kill A FULL
GROWN ADULT HUMAN BEING in FIVE MINUTES, and we are talking about having
over one thousand school children being subjected to inhaling Benzene

Let me ask any of you this: Is this reasonable?

Is it reasonable for The Shell Oil Company to subject over one thousand
little school children for such AGONY, just because they want to make
more money?

If you think it is NOT reasonable, I am inviting you to help out.

Please tell me what to do. I am almost out of idea of what actually I
can do.

If you know of any environmental groups in Holland, please give me their
contact addresses, names, telephone numbers, website addresses, email
addresses, everything that you have, because I am thinking that perhaps
I can enlist the help of Holland's environmental group into pressuring
Shell Oil Company's World Headquarters, which is located in Holland, to
stop their subsidiary in Malaysia, Shell Malaysia, from committing such
an UNFORGIVABLE act of harming the health and safety of OVER ONE
THOUSAND LITTLE SCHOOL CHILDREN by constructing, and soon to be
operating, a gas station RIGHT NEXT DOOR to an elementary school, where
the school children are getting their education.

In the matter of fact, I truly need all the help I can get.

If you can write to the people in charge of Shell Oil Company in your
country, and Shell's world headquarter in Holland, demanding that they
STOP the construction of the gas station their Malaysian subsidiary is

If you can think of ANY IDEA you can share, please, PLEASE CC. me a copy
at lisse at saintmail.net, because I am not usually subscribing to this

I thank any and all of you for any help you can offer.

Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Danke !

Most sincerely,
lisse at saintmail.net

In article <K01d4.3881$J9.2342 at news.indigo.ie>,  "Graham Caswell"
<caswell at indigo.ie> wrote:

> Hi Lisa,
> Despite being globally branded, each national Shell company is a
> legal entity, being linked through the 'Royal Dutch/Shell Group'.
> You can reach Shell International Ltd. (whatever THEIR 'legal status'
> at the following address:
> Shell International Ltd.
> Shell Centre,
> London
> SE1 7NA
> UK
> Shell Malaysia Ltd can be reached at the following contact details:
> Shell Malaysia Ltd
> P.O. Box 11027
> Kuala Lumpur 50732
> Malaysia
> Phone: +60 3 255 9144
> Fax: +60 3 251 2957
> However, there are another half a dozen companies trading under the
> Oil' banner in Malaysia.  A list of these can be found at
> http://www.shell.com/world/country/0,1452,1454,00.html
> Shell are currently in the midst of a marketing campaign that they are
> calling 'The Profits and Principals Debate',  (is that Profits VS
> debate, I wonder?)  This is an attempt to rehabilitate their brand's
> environmental image (tarnished after Brent Spar, the Nigerian
> etc).  You can read about Shell's declared values and principals at
> http://www.shell.com/values/directory/0,1224,1043,00.html .  I myself
> it very difficult to seriously listen to talk of 'values' from those
> push oil in a world of climate change.
> Finally, are there no planning regulations in Malaysia?  Is their no
way of
> legally/officially objecting to this decision?  Can the parents be
> mobalised/organised?  Can the school staff, or even the kids do
> With a good media and press release strategy, a few hundred school
> doing something interesting in protest would make a great newspaper or
> filler.
> Congradulations on standing up to whatever group or individual is
behind the
> 'development'.
> Good luck
> Graham Caswell
> caswell at indigo.ie
> Lisa wrote in message <84u51j$rpg$1 at nnrp1.deja.com>...
> >Hello to all.
> >
> >I need your help in finding information about Dutch environmental
> >groups.
> >
> >I am from Malaysia, a third world country, and recently the Shell oil
> >company in Malaysia is constructing a petrol station right next door
> >a primary school building that houses over ONE THOUSAND little school
> >children.
> >
> >I find that act irresponsible and in total disregard to the safety
> >health of the school children, but unfortunately, in Malaysia, there
> >NO LAW prohibiting oil companies like Shell in erecting (and
> >petrol station right next door to highly populated area like school
> >buildings or shopping malls.
> >
> >I have tried to contact Shell's subsidiary in Malaysia, but so far
> >have stonewalled me. On the government side, since there is NO LAW
> >against Shell (and all other oil companies) in having petrol stations
> >right next to school buildings, they (the government of Malaysia) has
> >legal ground to stop the construction of the petrol station that I
> >mentioned above.
> >
> >Since Shell's subsidiary in Malaysia is not respond to my plea, I am
> >thinking of getting help from environmental groups in Holland to put
> >pressure on Shell Oil Company's headquarter, which is located in
> >Holland, and perhaps that may get their subsidiary in Malaysia to
> >my plea.
> >
> >It is very possible that the Shell Oil's headquarter in Holland isn't
> >aware of what their subsidiary in Malaysia is doing, but I have also
> >sent emails to Shell's website at shell.com, but so far I have
> >
> >If you know of the name, address, contact numbers, web-address and
> >email-addresses of environmental groups in Holland, I shall be
> >grateful if you can send me the information.
> >
> >If you reply to this message, would you mind CC: me a copy, [
> >lisse at saintmail.net ], because I do not usually subscribe to this
> >newsgroup.
> >
> >Thank you for reading, and thank you for your help !!!
> >
> >
> >Most sincerely,
> >Lisa
> >lisse at saintmail.net
> >
> >
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