An Excerpt: Sax's Dangerous Properties

Steve O'Keefe excerpt at tenagra.com
Wed Jan 12 17:29:06 EST 2000

I have permission from publisher John Wiley & Sons to distribute an
excerpt from the tenth edition of "Sax's Dangerous Properties of
Industrial Materials," by Richard J. Lewis, Sr. This comprehensive
reference provides in- depth data on almost every substance used in
industrial processes today, from gunpowder to tatrazine, and organizes the
information in an easy-to-use index, searchable by
synonym, CAS number, and DOT number.
This revised edition of "Sax's DPIM" now includes a total of 23,500
chemicals, and incorporates new information on a number of previously
unrecognized hazards.  Essential for any industrial safety or health
professional, the work covers toxicity, reproductive effects, mutation
data, skin irritation, and much more.  For added use, "Sax's DPIM" is also
available as a stand-alone CD-ROM and in a network version, able to be
accessed by up to 10 users at a time.

As the principal text of the work consists of entries for thousands of
materials, the excerpt I'm distributing is a general overview of the
organization of the "DPIM."  This introduction gives a more detailed
description of just what is covered in the three-volume set, down to the
different abbreviations used within the entries themselves.

To receive this excerpt from the "Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial
Materials Tenth Edition," please send mailto:excerpt at tenagra.com with the
subject line, "Send Sax," and I'll reply with a text file.

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