Non-invasive measurement of BP of mice and rats

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Non Invasive Blood Pressure Measurements

Columbus NIBP Computer can measure systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressures
of rat in room temperature.
System employs two cuffs methods, one used to occlude artery in the animal tail
and another to monitor blood pulsation. Minimum temperature of room must be
equal or above 23 degree C. Procedure requires that the rat with two cuffs on
its tail is placed in the separate  chamber  in noiseless environment and is
allowed to get accustomed to the new situation. It may take 2 to 3 min for a
rat to quiet down and achieve tranquillity needed for taking BP measurement.
Human assistance and simultaneous observation of rats behavior is essential in
making reliable B.P. measurements on unrestrained rat in room temperature.

Non-Invasive Measurement of BP of Anaesthetized Rat
Anaesthetized rat usually cuts off blood supply to the tail and therefore NIBP
measurements on the rat’s tail are not possible, instead cuffs can be  placed
on animal leg in which blood circulation still exists. We have been able to
make reliable BP measurements of anaesthetized rat with Columbus NIBP Monitor
in room temperature.

Measuring BP of Mice without heating animal body.

Columbus NIBP Monitor when equipped with mouse tail cuffs can measure reliably
BP of a mouse which tail (Not the body!)is heated before measurement for 10
minutes  at 37 degree C. Ten minutes exposure of mouse tail to the 37 degree
heat restores blood circulation in the tail and allows subsequent BP
measurements with Columbus NIBP Monitor for several minutes ( 5 to 30 min)
after termination of heating.
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