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International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER) Database Expands

Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA) and Concurrent
Technologies Corporation (CTC) announce a major expansion of the
International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER) database, found on the
Internet at http://www.tera.org/iter .  ITER now contains 545 chemicals,
including data and links to all of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA)'s Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) risk values.  It also
includes all of the Health Canada risk values under the Canadian
Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) that are currently available, and
many of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry's (ATSDR)
chronic minimal risk levels (MRLs).  Fourteen independently developed
values that have undergone peer review are also included on ITER.  These
are found no where else.

ITER is a “one-stop shopping” source for risk values developed by major
risk assessment agencies and by independent, non-government groups.
ITER provides the only on-line, side-by-side presentation of these
values, along with access to the scientific justification for each
group’s values, and an explanation for any differences.

ITER is provided free of charge.  It was developed by TERA as a public
service, to provide the international risk assessment community with
easy access to the health risk values of many organizations and to
provide a way to distribute independently-derived peer-reviewed values.
A number of organizations have joined with TERA and CTC and provided
funding and/or in-kind assistance to develop ITER.  These include the
Chemical Manufacturers Association, Cinergy Foundation, Cytec Industries
Inc., the Formaldehyde Epidemiology, Toxicology and Environmental Group,
Inc. (FETEG), Health Canada, Syracuse Research Corporation, and U.S.
Borax.  TERA is currently soliciting funds as a tax-exempt [501(c)(3)]
organization to include risk values from the World Health Organization
(WHO) and the International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS), along
with government agencies such as RIVM in the Netherlands.  High quality
assessments for hundreds of risk values are available from these
organizations, but the public does not have easy access to this

In addition to its role as a source of major agency risk values, an
important role of ITER is to showcase risk values developed outside of
governmental agency programs.  Before these independent values are
placed on ITER, however, the authors are required to provide extensive
documentation and the assessments must undergo a rigorous peer review.
TERA, through a separate program, provides an independent and balanced
peer review program.  Meetings are held four times per year and are open
to the public; the results are made available on TERA's home page
(http://www.tera.org/peer).  Meetings are scheduled for February 14, May
15/16, August 7/8, and November 13/14.  Limited spaces are available for
all but the February meeting.

For more information about ITER or peer review, email Jacqueline
Patterson at patterson at tera.org.


Jacqueline Patterson, M.En.
Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment (TERA)
1757 Chase Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45231
Phone 513-521-7426
Fax 513-521-7428
Patterson at tera.org
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