Toxicity of Petroleum Hydrocarbons to Mature Plants

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Greetings List:

I am conducting a review of toxic effects of petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) 
to land plants and assessing work that has been done on this as well as 
phytoremediation of PHCs in soil. To give some background, my interest stems 
from soils at mining sites which have become with polluted with PHCs as a 
result of disposal of oily maintenance wastes.

So my focus is : What are the effects of petroleum hydrocarbons in the soil 
subsurface on land plants and vice versa?

Specifically, I want to find out if there have been any quantitative 
measures of this toxicity reported. In particular is there any information 
on whole (fresh or weathered) products or on specific fractions (analogous 
to TPHCWG aliphatic and aromatic fractions).

Ultimately I want to be able to make an informed judgement regarding what 
happens to grown, i.e. mature plants, when their roots grow into the 
contaminated soil (in the PHC source zone) –- are they likely to be 
adversely impacted and if so, by how much?

>From my earlier requests, I have only been able to dig up a few papers and 
there appears to be only limited quantitative information amongst 

Looking forward to your feedback.





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