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I recently found this article in the Amalgam-list, and I thought you guys on this
newsgroup may be interested:

   Additionally cremation of those with amalgam fillings adds to air
emissions and deposition onto land and lakes.  A study in Switzerland found
that in that small country, cremation released over 65 kilograms of mercury
per year as emissions, often exceeding site air mercury standards(9), while
another Swiss study found mercury levels during cremation of a person with
amalgam fillings as high as 200 micrograms per cubic meter(considerably
higher than U.S. mercury standards).   The amount of mercury in the mouth of
a person with fillings was on average 2.5 grams, enough to contaminate 5 ten
acre lakes to the extent there would be dangerous levels in fish(2).  A
Japanese study estimated mercury emissions from a small crematorium there as
26 grams per day(10).  A study in Sweden found significant occupational and
environmental exposures at cremetoria, and since the requirement to install
selenium filters mercury emission levels in crematoria have been reduced

Another reason for a total ban of Amalgam...!!!

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(11) Reese Km.  Mercury emissions from crematoria.  Chem & Engin News,
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        (2) Electric Power Research Institute.   Mercury in the Environment.
Electric EPRI Journal 1990; April, p5.

Best wishes,
Karine T. Knudsen
Are you a victim? Did you know that your amalgam fillings may release
Mercury and lead to chronic Mercury poisoning? This will destroy your
immune system and may lead to multiple symptoms or serious illness.
It happened to me - it may happen to you too...

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