Direct-acting carcinogen search

Petri Koponen petri.koponen at joensuu.fi
Thu Mar 2 10:12:49 EST 2000

""Chuck Miller"" <rellim at mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu> wrote in message
news:200003011541.JAA07777 at majestic.tcs.tulane.edu...
> How about good old ultraviolet light (esp. UV-C ~ 254 nm from a germicidal
> lamp) as a direct acting agent? With UVL you can control the student's
> exposure risk and there is no need for disposal of nasty chemicals!

Hmmm....then you have to calculate UV-doses (need spectroradiometer). That
might be little difficult if you decide to use biologically weighted doses,
because there is several useful action spectras.



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