dichlorophenoxy (Acetic Acid)

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>Can someone tell me something about  Acetic Acid, thanks.....

 I hope this is either a troll or a homework question as the poster seems to 
think acetic acid and the dichlorophenoxy derivative are the same thing.

        Dilute solutions of acetic acid are sold under the name "vinegar" 
(regular, pickling and various gourmet formats).  Vinegar is edible.  
Concentrated acetic acid (often called "glacial" acetic acid) is not edible - 
it can give severe burns to skin and mucous membranes. There are lots of 
interesting facts available about acetic acid in its various concentrations - 
look them up yourself or ask a more specific question.

        If, on the other hand, you want to know about dichlorophenoxyacetic 
acid, try looking up "2,4-D".  It is commonly (alas) used as a broadleaf 
herbicide (won't kill grasses at normal concentrations, will kill dandelions). 
2,4-D is a synthetic auxin - ie it works by mimicking a plant growth chemical 
and causes abnormal growth which soon kills the plant.  There are many, many 
web sites that deal with various aspects of 2,4-D use, toxicology and 
environmental persistance.  Keep it away from foodstuffs, children, pets and 
any broadleaved plants that you are fond of.   HTH "GM"
        Hmm -  try looking up "Agent Orange" as well. "GM"

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