Romanian Environmental Disasters - Call for Demonsration on April 1 & 2, @ Romanian Embassy, Washington DC

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To Whom It May Concern:

Three times within a period of six weeks, Central Europe has suffered
environmental disasters of the greatest magnitude. All originated in

On January 30, 2000, a cyanide spill from a Romanian mining operation
inflicted environmental damage comparable only to the massive release of
radiation that followed a fire and explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear
power plant in the Ukraine. The cyanide and metal byproducts escaping
from the Aurul gold mine in Romania found their way into a tributary of
the Tisza, the second largest river of Hungary. The Tisza carried the
toxic material into the Danube winding its way through Vojvodina in
Romania and Bulgaria into the Black Sea. The cyanide killed all life in
the Tisza and caused untold environmental and economic damage in the
lower Danube basin.

Less than six weeks later, on March 10, 2000, heavy rain and melting
snow burst a dam at the Baia Borsa lead and zinc mine in Northern
Romania, 115 miles from the Hungarian border. Some 20,000 tons of heavy
metal sludge were released into a tributary of the Viso river, which
carried it, once again, into the Tisza. The river, once called the
"Blonde Tisza"
because of its beautiful sandy color, has turned black. According to
Romanian authorities, the lead concentration of the river is twice above
permissible levels, the zinc concentration nine times. The heavy metal
spill has completed the destruction of the upper part of the Tisza,
begun by the cyanide spill. Moreover, in Romania alone, the disaster may
cost some 2,400 workers their jobs.

(See our website about further Romanian environmental problems:

An environmental disaster knows no borders. Clouds of dust generated by
a massive volcanic outbreak in the Philippines or in Mexico may filter
out sunshine halfway around the world. That cannot be prevented. But
these two catastrophic events in Romania did not need to happen. They
as the direct result of the Romanian government's cavalier attitude
about environmental issues. Romania, as well as other countries that
fail to
act immediately to forestall disasters, which could be prevented, must
be compelled by the world community to do so. The existing body of
international law, including environmental treaties must be enforced
without delay and strengthened where necessary.

We invite all organizations and individuals who care for the
preservation of our environment to show their support and join us at a
demonstration in front of the Romanian Embassy in Washington, DC 1607
23rd Street, NW, from 11 am - 2 pm, both Saturday & Sunday, April 1st &
2nd, 2000. 
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We extend a special invitation to all Americans whose roots are in the
region directly affected by the two recent disaster -- Romania,
Transylvania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Vojvodina, Bulgaria, Moldova,
Ukraine, as well as the European Union.

If you are unable to join us in Washington, we urge you to organize a
demonstration in your hometown. We all share the same environment, let
us take a stand to save it!

For further information and details, please contact:

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