Reuters: Beethoven Pb toxic?

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Very interesting.  Another possibility is drinking wine from vessels covered
with a lead glaze.  This was a commom form of lead poisoning at this time.


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>Poison May Have Doomed Beethoven
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>Updated 6:06 AM ET October 18, 2000
>By MARTHA IRVINE, Associated Press Writer
>ARGONNE, Ill. (AP) - An analysis of a lock of Ludwig van Beethoven's
>hair suggests lead poisoning could explain certain ailments suffered by
>the erratic genius, his strange behavior, his death, maybe even his
>The four-year analysis of the hair - apparently snipped after the
>composer's death at age 56 in 1827 - has turned up a concentration of
>lead 100 times the levels commonly found in people today, according to
>researchers at the Health Research Institute in suburban Chicago, where
>the hair was tested.
>That means it is all but certain that the composer suffered from lead
>poisoning, also known as plumbism, the researchers said.
>"It was a surprise, but it stood out like a sore thumb in the analysis,"
>said William Walsh, director of the institute's Beethoven research
>Scientists initially were searching for mercury, a common treatment for
>syphilis in Beethoven's day. The absence of mercury supports the recent
>consensus of scholars who believe Beethoven did not have syphilis.
>In rare cases, lead poisoning causes deafness, but scientists remain
>unsure if that was what caused Beethoven's hearing loss.
>Lead poisoning may also explain what some described as dramatic mood
>swings on Beethoven's part.
>The Health Research Institute scientists said that Beethoven's lead
>exposure came as an adult but that the source of the lead is unclear,
>though one possibility is the mineral water he swam in and drank during
>his stays at spas.
>The conclusions were based on chemical analysis by the McCrone Research
>Institute in Chicago and images taken at Argonne National Laboratory
>using an electron accelerator that creates the most detailed X-rays
>available today.
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