muld on jam

Barbara Bopsee at gmx.de
Thu Dec 6 10:18:21 EST 2001

at the moment I'm writing an article about "what is the conserving effect of
sugar in jam". That means I had to cook some jams with different amounts of
sugar in it. So I had 5 glasses of jam with different concentrations of
Now  I had to watch , which jam is getting bad, for example by mould.
It was clear that the jam with the smallest amount of sugar spoilt first.
This was after 2 weeks.
The others, I thought, were conserved enough by the sugar, because there was
no mould on them.

After 3 months then, I saw mould on the surface of one of these jams with a
medium concentration of sugar. It is ok that there is mould on it, because
it is still a  small amount of sugar in it.

I kept all jams at the same constant conditions (temperature,...)

Now my Question:
Why is there mould on the jam with less sugar after 2 weeks, and why after 3
months on the jam with more sugar?

Is the myzel of the mould there (on the second glass) since the jam was
cooked (and has developped so slowly) ?

Thanks, Barbara

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