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Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones Web site

Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier

Environmental Hormone 2002 Conference
October, New Orleans, LA

o ED NEWS   (Updated 14 November 01)

-- News roundup
    -  Cell membrane ER debated

-- Journal Scan
    -  11 recent scientific papers of interest

-- Government actions
    -  Pirimiphos-methyl: Interim risk managemen docs
    -  Azinphos-Methyl and Phosmet: Interim risk managemen docs
    -  Chlorpyrifos: Interim risk management docs

-- Media review
    -  U.S. reports disease link to Gulf War, New York Times
    -  Pollutants affect babies' brains, BBC News
    -  Water pollution leads to mixed sex fish, ENS
    -  Kitchen tap may offer drugs and more, Science News
    -  How polluted is a preschooler's world, Science News
    -  Composting cuts manure's toxic legacy, Science News

-- On the Web
    -  Health care and toxins focus of new CAPE site

-- Books, reports, jobs, & more
    -  Help Wanted: Post-Doctoral and PhD Students
    -  Grant: Children's vulnerability to toxins in the environment
    -  Resource: The List of Lists, 2001, PAN UK
    -  Resource: Transcripts, DES Action's International Colloquium

o MEDIA COVERAGE   (Updated 14 December 01)

-- 10 new articles listed

o UPCOMING CONFERENCES (Updated 14 December 01)
See http://www.som.tulane.edu/ecme/eehome/sources/conference for more
information about these and other meetings

--  14-15 Dec 01: 4th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Endocrine
Disrupter Research, Tsukuba, Japan

--  15-17 Dec 01: 4th International Symposium on Endocrine Disrupting
Chemicals, Tsukuba, Japan

-- 21-24 Jan 02: Impacts of POPs and Mercury on Arctic Environments and
Humans, Tromso, Norway

-- 29-30 Jan 02: Effective Risk Management of Endocrine Disrupting
Chemicals, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones (EEOH), part of the
Environmental Concepts Made Easy (ECME) web site, is an
educational service and an interactive forum where those
interested in environmental estrogens and other environmental
hormones can find accurate, timely information and contribute to
ongoing public debate.

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The Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane and Xavier
Universities (CBR) maintains the ECME web site. CBR researchers
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