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In "Cancer Research",  June 2001, ( Vol 61), pp 4325-4328, there is a study
from the National Inst. Env. Health Research.  Their finding: genistein is
even more carcinogenic in mice than DES...35% to 31%, if exposure occurs
during critical periods of differentiation (almost always with growing
babies) ..."Thus, the use of soy based infant formula in the absence of
medical necessity and the marketing of soy products designed
to appeal to children, should be closely examined."

The Swiss Federal Health Service published  Bulletin # 26 in July
1992...."100 gr/soy protein has the estrogenic effect in the range of  a
Contraceptive Pill".... This is the sole protein in soy baby food! For the
predictable potential effects in infants and adults, see
www.soyonlineservice.co.nz . Here are simply expressed toxic dose levels.

(1) For adults
                        A GLASS A DAY CAN MELT THE THYROID AWAY
>From  USA WOMAN"S WORLD, Mar 16 2001
AVOIDING SOY  .... as little as 30mg of soy isoflavones--the amount
in 5-8 ounces of soy milk - have been proven to suppress thyroid function.
"The isoflavones in soy act like a hormone in the body.  And in many women,
especially those who eat large amounts of concentrated soy powder or take
isoflavone supplments, this disturbs the body's hormonal balance, triggering
or worsening thyroid problems," explains Dr. Larian Gillespie, author of
"The Goddess Diet".  Some experts are even calling for the makers of soy
products to remove these antithyroid isoflavones from their products"
(2) For infants, the dose in soy baby formulas means an infant gets the
dose-equivalent of an adult woman taking up to ten pills a day. Or, a baby
in its first year gets a total antifertility dose of 100 Pill-equivalents.
More information is at www.soyonlineservice.co.nz,
the web address of
P O Box 3285, Onerahi,   PH 64-9-4340564
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