Dichloroethyl aluminium poisoning

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Fri Jul 27 12:21:52 EST 2001

This may have already been posted here on my behalf, sorry if it is a
double, but the other hasn't showed up via my server.
>From a franticically worried Mom.............

Any doctors/chemists on board please.

 Just heard that our 29 year old son was poisoned with Dichloroethyl
aluminum on Sunday last. Bloods are being taken daily to monitor the
reductions,at present 17 times higher than recommened dosage ( sorry, don't
know the
regular dosage for a 6'4" lad)

 Symptoms at present,
Cramps to spine, neck, head, and chest,
Difficulities breathing,
Unproductive cough,
Pain to most parts of his body.
Loss of vison ( returning)
Blurred vision,
Loose motions,

Rest, anti-nausea tablets, blood tests, oxygen. No food, can't drink unless
he vomits afterwards. ( No pain killers at the present time as these could
aggrevate the toxins already in his body)

What is the long term prognosis as regards getting this toxin out of his
system please, are there likely to be any long term effects, and is there
anything else we can do to help him?

I have been told to ask our local fire dept which I will do, and also a
suggestion of a hyperbaric chamber (sp) being used to help him.

This came about from removing kitchen tiles that had been stuck onto a
concrete floor by the previous owners. He was subjected to the gases from
heating up the adheasive for approx 6 hours in total with a blower specially
designed for the job. This additive was used in glue back in the 1970's.
Extremely concerned and on my way up to see him at home in a short time. He
is classed as a primary care patient at the present meaning that a doctor
will come out as soon as he is called, with a view to re-hospitalizing him
again if need be.
Thanks in advance for any information you are able to help with.

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