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Subject: SOT Genomics Meeting November 7-8, 2001

Mark your calendar for November 7-8, 2001 for the Society of Toxicology
Contemporary Concepts in Toxicology meeting: Use of Genomic Data in
RiskAssessment: State of the Art 2001 in the DC area.
The focus and objective of the meeting is to discuss recent advancements in
genomics (the global analysis of genes and
their expression) and how they have set the stage for understanding the
adaptive and toxicological responses of individuals after exposure to toxic
insults.  It is now possible to simultaneously assess the levels of
expression of thousands of different genes using DNA microarrays.  With the
completion of the Human Genome Project, it will be possible to analyze the
expression of all genes transcribed in a specific cell.
The risk of causing a disease by toxicant exposure used to be estimated
across populations with widely varying responses resulting
from each individual’s unique genetic make-up (toxicogenomics).  In the 21st
century, the new genomic technologies will greatly improve the accuracy of
risk assessment allowing identification of sensitive subpopulations at risk,
and ultimately resulting in a personalized risk profile for each individual
based on their genetic composition.  This workshop will examine these
genomic technologies and the implications for risk characterization and
understanding of gene-environment interactions.   Complex social, moral, and
legal issues raised by the project relating to the protection of human
subjects, the privacy of genetic information, and the possibility of
discriminatory uses of the data generated by the project are also covered.

For more information about the speakers and to register for the meeting
please visit 

Organizing Committee Members:
Michael L. Cunningham   NIEHS
Tim Zacharewski   MSU
Ron Hines    MCW
Matt Bogdanffy    DuPont

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Society of Toxicology  703-438-3115


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