Occ-Env-Med-L Archives are again available

Gary Greenberg Gary.Greenberg at Duke.edu
Sun Mar 4 23:21:18 EST 2001

Please forgive that I am sending this to all the lists which usually
interact with ours.

As subscribers are aware, the OEM-L's server and software have changed
in the last weeks, and the previous addresses for many of the utilities
which helped the list function optimally have disappeared or changed.

The web-based current version of our archives, all the way back to
January 1994, is now at http://archive.occhealthnews.com/ (but you'll
have to tolerate a useless frame in your browser). The other approach /
address for this same site (without a frame) is:

Unfortunately, the currently available archive offers review of only one
month at a time, and then only *sorting* by date, thread, and author and
NOT *searching* for parameters that would allow you to find previous
messages about (eg) sewage workers or platinum, unless you already knew
the month when we discussed them.

Efforts are underway to re-create the elegant search capabilities in the
previous software... but don't hold your breath.

Other archives are available, and may help frustrated searchers to
compensate for this weakness.

The managers for the SAFETY list has been kindly retaining our broadcast
messages ever since the forum began, at http://siri.uvm.edu/mail/ ( also
at http://hazard.com/mail/ ) and you can do a single-parameter search
for any string, but can't specify to search just author, title or

We've also been sending our messages to a commercial site which does
archives maillists. They *do* have a search tool, but today they have no
content older than Sun, 3 Jan 1999, and I expect that the site purges
old materials continually, leaving only the most recent 25 months or so.
Visit this data at: http://www.escribe.com/medicine/occenvmed/

The OEM-Announce list consists of only one-way announcements (no
discussion among subscribers), including articles, tables of contents,
web-site announcements and jobs and grants. That limited archive offers
_quarterly_ (3-month) elements, so it's easier to review. The entire 3+
years of this limited forum is only 10 Meg, and you might even choose to
download the whole thing, and then search through it on your own side of
the web.

If ANYBODY would like to change, restart or kill their subscription,
they should visit http://subscribe.occhealthnews.com _or_ contact me
directly at Gary.Greenberg at Duke.edu. Please don't earn the snide wrath
of your colleagues by posting useless messages to the entire forum.
Thousands of our members will see how poorly you follow instructions.

Thanks for your patience and support. I'm pleased that the forum seems
to have survived this transition.

Gary N. Greenberg, MD MPH    Sysop / Moderator Occ-Env-Med-L MailList
gary.greenberg at duke.edu     Duke Occupat, Environ, Int & Fam Medicine
OEM-L Maillist Website:                      http://occhealthnews.com


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