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But . . . . 50 ppb has killed no one yet!  This is purely a scare tactic using an "invented" problem.  Our problems are much deeper than trace elements in water.  For example, "scare tactics" being used to push us all toward a socilaist state.  For over 8 years, Bill Clinton ALLOWED 50 ppb arsenic in water.  Good enough for Bill, good enough for me.

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  Rich Murray: Working Assets:
  re arsenic in water, quickly send protests 3.23.1 rmforall

  Hello, Working Assets provides a new way for us to instantly protest
  to agencies and our Senators on any issue.     Thanks,  Rich Murray

  When Americans turn on their faucets, they expect the water coming out
  to be safe to drink. Yet, in President Bush's latest clumsy and craven
  payback to his powerful industrialist backers,
  the Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday
  it will withdraw a new requirement to reduce
  levels of poisonous arsenic allowed in our tap water,
  staying at the dangerous old level of 50 ppb, instead of the
  modern 10 ppb limit set years ago by every nation in Europe.

  All Americans expect and deserve safe drinking water.
  Please help us stop this cynical, harmful, stupid decision
  by the Bush Administration and the EPA.

  Tell EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman that as our public servant she
  must stand up for public safety, rather than kowtow to the president's
  financiers.  Working Assets is sponsoring this urgent action.
  Please tell the EPA to rethink this terrible decision. Simply click on
  this link, or cut and paste it into your browser:


  A proven carcinogen, arsenic occurs naturally, but is also a common
  byproduct of mining operations. Not coincidentally, Bush received more
  money from the mining industry during last year's campaign than any
  other candidate for federal office, and his party sucked in another
  $5.6 million from the same special interest lobby.

  Bush's loyalty to these supporters comes at the expense of some
  13 million Americans the EPA itself estimates are at risk from deadly
  diseases linked to arsenic exposure: Cardiovascular disease, diabetes,
  birth defects, reproductive problems, neurological damage
  and cancers of the bladder, lung, skin, kidney, nasal passage,
  liver and prostate.  Children and pregnant mothers
  are especially at risk.

  Such a stark example of the power of special interest money and the
  real harm it can do comes right in the middle
  of a crucial Senate debate on campaign finance reform.
  Votes on controversial amendments to the
  McCain-Feingold reform legislation are happening nearly every day.
  If you have not told your Senators how you feel on the
  legalized bribery that passes for elections these days,
  please use the link below to do so today:


  "This decision will force millions of Americans to continue to drink
  arsenic-laced water," said Erik D. Olson of the National Resources
  Defense Council said of the EPA backslide.  "Many will die from
  arsenic-related cancers and other diseases, but George Bush apparently
  doesn't care.  This  outrageous act is just another example of how the
  polluters have taken over the government."

  The new standard was a result of more than a decade of scientific
  reviews, public hearings, and discussions with health experts and
  industry, and mirrors the international standard , 10 ppb,
  adopted several years ago by the World Health Organization
  and the European Union.
  The old standards, 50 ppb, that the Bush Administration is re-imposing
  were designed in 1942, before the dangerous long-term effects of
  low-level exposure to arsenic were well-understood.
  A March 1999 report by the prestigious National Academy of Sciences
  concluded that these outdated standards do not
  "achieve EPA's goal of protecting public health
  and should be lowered as soon as possible."

  There is strength in numbers! So once you take action, please forward
  this e-mail to friends and associates so they can speak out, too.

  With appreciation,  Michael Kieschnick  President, Working Assets

  P.S. If you would like to have your name and address automatically
  filled in to our form whenever you take action,
  simply register with WorkingForChange


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