Current Controversies in Risk Analysis

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Sat May 12 20:05:07 EST 2001

The Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) summer Forum -

Risk assessment and risk management in the Bush administration will be
the focus of a two-day Forum, Current Controversies in Risk Analysis,
June 18-19, 2001, in Arlington Virginia.  SRA is sponsoring a close look
at both the mechanisms for risk-based decision-making and its regulatory
applications. Several major environmental and food safety decisions are
visible on the horizion.

The new Administration faces many important regulatory decisions,

 *how to structure and implement government-wide regulatory review

 *what to do about mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants

 *how to remedy ergonomic hazards in the workplace

 *how to prevent an outbreak in the U.S. of bovine spongiform
encephalitis (BSE, commonly referred to as "mad cow" disease)

 *how to regulate pesticides subject to the Food Quality Protection Act,
especially its provisions related to the protection of children

 *whether the "residual risks" from air toxics pose a serious concern
after the installation of Maximum Achievable Control Technology, and
what to do about it if they do

A diverse audience usually attends the SRA summer Forum, including
attorneys, Congressional staff, federal officials, government relations
experts, journalists, public interest group employees, students,
scientists, and SRA members.  Many of the speakers will be former career
analysts, some from the Office of Management and Budget, which will play
a more prominent role in decisionmaking in the new administration.

The SRA summer Forum will be held at the Key Bridge Marriott Hotel in
Arlington, VA. Registration information can be obtained by calling the
SRA Secretariat at (703)790-1745 or accessing the SRA's web site at
http://www.sra.org/events.htm#workshop.  Those who register by June 4th
receive a substantial discount. A block of hotel rooms has been reserved
for those traveling to attend.

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