New pesticide use and application data sets

Charles Miller rellim at tulane.edu
Fri May 18 09:07:57 EST 2001

Forwarded message from: Stephan Orme <stephanorme at PANNA.org>

Pesticide Action Network is preparing to introduce a major new
addition to the PAN Pesticide Database that enables users to search
California pesticide use data by chemical, crop and geographic area.
The data source for this addition includes the entire California
Pesticide Use Reports (PUR) dataset from 1991 through 1999 - over 30
million records in their raw form. With this new service, users can
quickly search the entire dataset for any combination of chemical,
crop and county. Results include pounds of active ingredient, number
of applications and number of fields.  These results are displayed as
a table which can then be imported into Excel or any spread sheet
program for further analysis.

The Beta test version is now ready and we are requesting reviews and
comments. The site is available at:

Please send any comments to either Stephan Orme at
stephanorme at panna.org or Susan Kegley at skegley at panna.org

Please note that this is the our first pass at presenting this data
and we have plans for enhancing the site that include:

** Advanced search capabilities (find top chemicals by county or
crop, groups of chemicals by toxicity category, etc.)

** GIS maps of pesticide use by crop, chemical or group of crops or

** Acres planted/acres treated data

** Graphing of pesticide use over time

We are still looking for funding for these additional features and we
would appreciate any leads or assistance in obtaining such.


Steve Orme and Susan Kegley

Stephan Orme, Data Specialist
Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)

49 Powell St., Suite 500
San Francisco, CA  94102
(415) 981-6205 ext. 308; (415) 981-1991 (fax)
StephanOrme at panna.org

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