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The Life Sciences Research Office is a nonprofit biological research
organization which has  concentrated more recently in the area of
nutrition, including substances in the food supply and their pyrolysis
products.  (See www.LSRO.org.)

Negin Pour-Moghaddam, B.S., recently joined the Life Sciences Research
Office (LSRO) as Associate Staff Scientist.  The Biophysical Society at
the Federation of Associated Societies for Experimental Biology
previously employed her as a member of their journal production staff.
Ms. Pour-Moghaddam obtained her bachelor’s degree from Lake Forest
College in Chicago, IL with a major in biology and minor in art
history.  At LSRO she helps with meeting planning, committee management,
document production, and problem solving.  Ms. Pour-Moghaddam volunteers
for work with sick children.  Currently, she serves as weekend resident
manager at NIH’s Children’s Inn.

Robin S. Feldman, B.S., M.B.A., joined LSRO as Librarian and Literature
Specialist.  She acquires, analyses, stores and retrieves scientific
information in support of LSRO’s projects.  She is an expert in
electronic databases, and she maintains LSRO’s library of reports.   Ms.
Feldman obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the George Washington
University in Washington, D.C. with a major in Zoology and her Master’s
in Business Administration degree from the University of Maryland at
College Park concentrating in Science and Technology.  As Biomedical
Research Associate at Consultants in Toxicology, Risk Assessment and
Product Safety, she oversaw the retrieval, analysis and database
development of scientific data for private and governmental clients.  At
the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, she set up a document
management system for the Biological Psychiatry Branch of the National
Institute of Mental Health and served as a Managing Editor of the
Bipolar Network News, a newsletter for the Stanley Foundation Bipolar
Network.  Earlier, she she held a succession of positions at the Howard
Hughes Medical Institute, the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S.,
Microbiological Associates, Inc., and the American Type Culture

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