Open Meeting on the Relative Risk of Non-tobacco Ingredients Added to Cigarettes

Daniel Byrd ctraps at radix.net
Mon Jul 1 20:44:26 EST 2002

The Life Sciences Research Office announces an ongoing project to
evaluate the relative risk of non-tobacco ingredients added to
cigarettes and solicits input from the scientific community to help
guide the process.

August 26, 2002 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Hyatt Regency Hotel Bethesda, MD

This study is evaluating the relative health risks of ingredients (other
than tobacco) in cigarettes. The study is based on the known health
risks of smoking cigarettes and on the assumption that, short of
avoidance or cessation, there is no effective way of eliminating those
risks. In conjunction with an Expert Panel, the LSRO is reviewing the
scientific evidence to address the following issues:

Whether it is feasible to pursue the development of review criteria?

Whether a meaningful estimate of relative health risk can be ascertained
for ingredients (other than tobacco) used in the production of

What are the appropriate criteria for such a review?

Submission instructions: You may submit comments addressing the issues
listed above either by oral presentation at the open meeting and/or by
sending written comments to the LSRO. Detailed instructions for
submission of comments may be obtained, either from our web site or by
contacting LSRO (see below). Comments received after September 15, 2002,
not addressing the specific subject, or not complying with the
instructions will not receive consideration by the Expert Panel.

Registration information: For more information about submission of
comments and to obtain registration information for the meeting visit
our web site: www.lsro.org or contact us at 301-530-7030 or via Email at
AIRC at lsro.org. Space is limited, registering before August 5, 2002 is
highly recommended.


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