Ethanol levels in Urine.

Brandon bnd-66 at coxREMOVEME.net
Fri Sep 13 19:16:38 EST 2002

I am looking for resources that may provide me with some information
regarding the following.

Specifically, a listing of products and substances that may in fact produce
a "false positive" for Ethanol in a urinalysis.

Specifics about Biological factors( high Glucose levels) that may produce a
False Positive for Ethanol in Urine.

A breakdown of the different types of Ethanol that can be detected in Urine
Analysis and if there is a way to determine the source of said Ethanol.

A breakdown of what the levels of certain Ethanol(s) means, and any
associated graphs or scales that can pinpoint, based on the level of Ethanol
detected, how much and when the product was consumed.  OR if there is a way
to prove somehow, that and Ethanol level in Urine can be proven to be caused
by biological factors.

Thank you

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