Toxic mold

Vicki & Joe Baird vbaird at webtv.net
Mon Feb 24 19:09:46 EST 2003

My previous posting got sent prematurely.

We have tested positive for toxic mold spores and mycrotoxins.  Both
have to take Sporonox medication.  We have been out of our house for a
year and we are still ill from the exposure.  Our Toxocologist said we
are still being exposed from the furniture and clothing we are using. We
cannot afford to purchase everything NEW.  We did spend several
thousands replacing some major items.  Also washed many items with a
fungicide before bringing them into the apartment.  Guess this wasn't
enough - according to our doctor. 

Anyone out there with any ideas that will be helpful? Contact us at
sgtbaird at webtv.net

Thank you.
Vicki and Joe   

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