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    "Your gateway to the environment and hormones"

October 10, 2003

NOTE: Since the Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones (EEOH)
Web site has merged with e.hormone, this is the last notice that will
be sent to the old EEOH mailing list. Please subscribe to the new list
at http://e.hormone.tulane.edu/mailingList.html. Apologies to those
who have already subscribed.

Wendy Hessler
e.hormone Content Provider

e.hormone Web Site

e.hormone Annual Conference
October 16-18, New Orleans, LA

Center for Bioenvironmental Research at Tulane/Xavier Universities



     - Environmental Estrogens and Other Hormones (EEOH) and e.hormone
       web sites merged September 2, 2003. The new site is at

     - Watch for updates from the October 16-18 e.hormone annual conference.

     - October 2003 is Children's Health Month. Sponsored by the US
       Environmental Protection Agency's to provide information about
       children's health and highlight EPA's efforts to protect children
       from environmental harm. For more on activities, health info, and
       tip-of-the-day calendar, see

o COMMENTARY (Fall 2003)

    -  Hiffing and Huffing Along the Inca Trail
           Barbara S. Beckman, Tulane University

o NEW SCIENCE (8 October 2003)

    -  PBDEs: A New Concern
           Wendy Hessler, e.hormone Content Provider

o RESEARCH BRIEFS (30 September 2003)

    -  BPA, NP: Antiandrogens, Too?
    -  PCBs change ER-beta mix in rat brains
    -  Low dose effects: Undertested, misapplied, misunderstood
    -  Environmental pollutants pose breast cancer risk

o GOVERNMENT NEWS   (Updated  6 October 2003)

    -  Meeting: Exposure/risk to children and CCA treated wood
    -  Comments: Childhood exposures, contaminants
    -  Meeting: FIFRA to discuss in vivo testing
    -  Grant: EPA on ED risk using computer models

o RESOURCES   (Updated  30 Sept 03)

    -  Links: Endocrine Disrupter Research in the European Union
    -  Books: The Reporter's Environmental Handbook
    -  Books: Encyclopedia of Hormones (Volume 1-3)

o MEDIA COVERAGE   (Updated 30 Sept 03)

--  15 new articles listed

o CONFERENCE KIOSK (Updated 30 Sept 03)

--  10/16 - 18/2003: e.hormone 2003, New Orleans, Louisiana USA
--  10/25/2003: Southern Forests, New Orleans, Louisiana USA
--  11/8 - 13/03: 24th SETAC Annual Meeting, Austin, Texas, USA
--  12/5 - 7/03: Nuclear Receptors and Endocrine Disorders, Cincinnati,
Ohio, USA
--  1/4 - 8/1/04: SICB Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

e.hormone web site is an educational service where those interested in the
interaction between the environment and hormones - including endocrine
disrupters - can find accurate, timely information and contribute to
ongoing public debate.

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(CBR) supports and maintains the e.hormone web site. CBR researchers
collaborate across disciplines, departments, and universities to study and
propose solutions to environmental problems. For inquiries, visit the CBR
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