Gas Phase Hydrolysis of DMAEE

Dr. Thomas M. Dydek dydek at tox-expert.com
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  Gary Greenberg of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine list 
suggested that I post this to your list as well:

Dear List:

I am working on a project in which the chemical of concern is 
dimethylaminoethylether (DMAEE).  This compound can be fairly toxic, but 
it does decompose in air via hydrolysis when contacted with water (for 
example, at elevated relative humidities in air).  

My questions to the list are 1) what are the likely reaction products of 
the hydrolysis? and 2) how fast is the hydrolysis reaction at ambient 
temperatures (80 to 100 degress F) and relative humidities (50 to 90%)? 
 Under the conditions which exist for my project, there is a good deal 
of turbulent flow, so I am assuming complete mixing.  The initial 
concentration of DMAEE is on the order of 100 to 200 parts per million.

If you need additional information to be able to comment, please reply 
to me privately.  Any assistance you can supply will be greatly 
appreciated.  Do you know of any other lists to which I should also post 
this message?

Thank you,

Thomas Dydek

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