Holothurin & Holotoxin from Sea Cucumbers??

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> > 2.  I've read that, since the Sea cucumber (like Sea Apple)
> > contains these toxins within their body: a. a person could simply
> > blender the creature in menthanol; b.the menthanol would absorb
> > the toxins; c. filter the solids out, and d. reduce the liquid
> > to some type of powder or other concentrate.
> Note that the stuff (holothurin) is not toxic to humans, according to the 
> literature I've read.  So it may take more than all the toxin in a single 
> creature to make a "dent".
> David A. Smith

I apologize.  I should have introduced that I am interested in toxins simply
as a curiousity...I am not willing to murder.  Perhaps it is a bit of 
"forbidden fruit" aspect.  I like to think that perhaps there is a series
of short stories in future dealing with many interesting/unique poisons.
(Such as ONLY recently "wild-caught" arrow-dart frogs are poisonous...
captive-bred and wild-caught-but-held-in-captivity-a-while frogs of
the same species are not toxic...due perhaps to the poisonous prey that
the wild-caught frog eat and which are not available to captive frogs).

I am surprised that the toxin isn't toxic to humans, since several sources
encourage boiling to remove toxins.  And they do kill small mammals.

Perhaps we might discuss additional topics, such as why everyone gets all
worked up about ricin when abrin from Abrus is 75 times stronger and just as
easy to buy from seed dealers (at least I found it offered at a variety
of sources).  

More later!

Toxic Tom G

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