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 Connection between MS and aspartame
 by neurosurgeon Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

 Recently, much controversy has surrounded a claim that aspartame may
produce an MS-like syndrome. A current review of recent peer-reviewed
scientific studies have disclosed a pathophysiological mechanism to
explain this connection. As far back as 1996 it was shown  that the
lesions produced in the myelin sheath of axons in cases of multiple
sclerosis were related to excitatory receptors on the primary cells
involved called oligodendroglia. Recent studies have now confirmed
what was suspected back then. The loss of myelin sheath on the nerve
fibers characteristic of the disease are due to the death of these
oligodendroglial cells at the site of  the lesions (called plaques).
Further, these studies have shown that the  death of these important
cells is as a result of excessive exposure to excitotoxins at the site
of the lesions.

 Normally, most of these excitotoxins are secreted from microglial
immune cells in the central nervous system. This not only destroys
these myelin-producing cells it also breaks down the blood-brain
barrier (BBB), allowing excitotoxins in the blood stream to enter the
site of damage.  Aspartame contains the excitotoxin aspartate as 40%
of its molecular structure. Numerous studies have shown that consuming
aspartame can significantly elevate the excitotoxin level in the
blood. There is a common situation during which the excitotoxin
exposure is even greater. When aspartate (as aspartame) is combined in
the diet with monosodium glutamate  (MSG) blood levels are several
fold higher than normal. With the BBB damaged, as in MS, these
excitotoxins can freely enter the site of injury,greatly magnifying
the damage. So, we see that dietary excitotoxins, such
 as aspartame and MSG, can greatly magnify the damage produced in
multiple sclerosis. Likewise, excitotoxins have been shown to
breakdown the BBB as well.

Of equal concern is observation that we know that about 10% of the
 population (based on autopsy studies of elderly) have MS lesions
without ever developing the full blown disease, a condition called
benign MS. A diet high  in excitotoxins, such as aspartame, can
convert this benign, subclinical condition into full-blown clinical
MS. The amount of excitotoxins consumed in the average American diet
is considerable, as shown by several studies. In addition, the toxin
methanol is also in the  aspartame molecule. Methanol is a axon
poison. Combined toxicity of the aspartate and the methanol adds up to
considerable brain toxicity and can convert benign, subclinical MS
into full-blown MS. Once the MS becomes full-blown, further
consumption of excitotoxins magnifies the toxicity,  increasing
disability and death.

 Recent studies have also shown that even single exposures to these
 food-based excitotoxins can produce prolonged worsening of
neurological lesions. In addition, it has been demonstrated that
autoimmune reactions (as occurs with MS) greatly magnifies the
toxicity of aspartate and glutamate (the excitotoxins). We also know
liquid forms of excitotoxins are significantly more toxic because of
rapid absorption and higher blood levels. In the face of this
connection between excitotoxicity and the pathophysiology of MS, it
would be ludicrous to allow further use of this excitotoxin containing


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 It is now known the cause for the destruction of the myelin in the
 lesions is overactivation of the microglia in the region of the
myelin. An enzyme that converts glutamine to glutamate called
glutaminase increases tremendously, thereby greatly increasing
excitotoxicity. Mercury also activates microglia, even in subtoxic

 Any dietary excitotoxin can activate the microglia, thereby greatly
 aggravating the injury. This includes the aspartate in aspartame. The
 methanol adds to this toxicity as well. Now, the secret to treatment
 appears to be shutting down, or at least calming down, the microglia.
It has been found  that the antibiotic minocycline powerfully shuts
down the microglia. I tried this treatment on a friend of mine who
just came down with fulmanant  MS. He was confined to a wheelchair. I
had him placed on minocycline and now, just a few weeks later, he is

 The good news is that other things also calm the microglia-the most
potent are: silymarin, curcumin and ibuprophen. Phosphatidylcholine
helps re-myelinate the nerve sheaths  that are damaged, as does B12,
B6, B1, vitamin D, folate, vitamin C, natural vitamin E (mixed
tocopherols) and L-carnitine. DHA plays a major role in repairing the
myelin sheath. Vitamin D may even prevent MS, but it acts as an immune
modulator, preventing further damage - the dose is 2000 IU a day.
Magnesium, as magnesium malate, is needed in a dose of 500 mg 2X a
day.  They must avoid all excitotoxins, even natural ones in
foods-such as  soy, red meats, nuts, mushrooms and tomatoes. Avoid all
fluoride and especially all vaccinations since these either inhibit
antioxidant enzymes or triggers harmful immune reactions.

 Dr. Blaylock is a recently retired board-certified neurosurgeon with
more than twenty six years experience.  He is a recently retired
Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the Medical University
of Mississippi.   Author of thirty scientific papers on various
 subjects, chapters in three medical textbooks and a booklet on
multiple sclerosis, he recently completed a booklet on bioterrorism
and is the author of "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills", "Health &
Nutrition Secrets  to Save Your Life", and "Natural Strategies for
Cancer Patients". ( www.russellblaylockmd.com )  He serves on the
editorial staff of The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons,
the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, and acts as a
medical advisor to the American Nutraceutical Association.  His
excellent newsletter can be gotten at  www.blaylockreport.com  He
lives in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

 Note from Dr. Betty Martini :

 Cori Brackett, co-owner of Sound and Fury Productions, an MS victim
diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic, had a huge lesion in the brain.  Cori
was a user of the neurotoxic drug Aspartame, marketed as NutraSweet,
Equal, Spoonful, E951, Canderel, Benevia, etc.  Off the poison, she
too walked out of her wheelchair; the lesion disappeared.  Because of
what she had endured from aspartame disease she felt a moral
obligation to warn  others,  especially with 70% of the population and
40% of our children using this deadly toxin. Cori Brackett traveled
7000 miles and with 25 hours of footage produced the movie, "Sweet
Misery:  A Poisoned  World."  She says it reveals one of the most
pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence in the history of
the industrial revolution.  On this
 date it is being released to the world.  You will get to see the
famed Dr. Blaylock and other aspartame experts, as well as hear the
horror story of  the victims.  See Diane Fleming who is wilting in a
Virginia prison because her athlete husband died of aspartame.   She
was sentenced to 50 years  for   the crime committed by  the
manufacturer who had the malice to market a poison.    Don't miss this
film.  Contact Cori Brackett at   Cori at soundandfuryproductions.com or
520-624-9710.  http://www.soundandfuryproductions.com

 For years physicians have written the MS Society to alert them about
 aspartame.  You can read my letter on www.dorway.com/nomarkle.html ,
never answered, of course.  Faced with the choice of warning the
public or  continuing to receive funding from industry, the MS Society
has  chosen to  sacrifice the victims.  And when those responsible to
solve the problem ARE  the problem it is a sad commentary on greed and
lack of concern for humanity.  How can anyone set aside professional
ethics to allow an MS
 holocaust, when simply alerting those with MS to avoid aspartame and
other excitotoxins could save the lives of thousands.  At one MS
Society walk-a-thon, they were giving out free Diet Coke's while
trying to prevent our activists from giving walkers info that could
save the lives of MS victims.   I simply turned to the crowd and said:
"The MS Society does not want you to have this life-saving information
on a product  triggering this disease."  The entire crowd took copies.
Later I received several calls of those who had heeded the advice and
gotten well.  But I shudder to think how many have perished because
the MS Society hasn't had the integrity to warn victims.
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See more aspartame lawsuits filed against companies knowingly
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