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Sun Apr 10 18:05:46 EST 2005

have emailed me), the manufacturing process is designed to remove the
stereoisomer which is exclusively responsible for the teratogenic effect. 
If this is the case, then the "new" version of thalidomide will retain the
TNF-neutralizing capacity and yet be as safe for females (of any age) as for
males.  That's what I meant by taking "the bite out of the thalidomide

Nonetheless, the press release specifies conditions for use by females of 
child-bearing age.  I guess that this means that the FDA is taking steps 
to make this version of thalidomide available, but that the company's 
claims still need to be further validated.

I've found some interesting stuff as I've been digging.  The thalidomide 
work (TNF- and AIDS-related) originated at Rockefeller, and they have 
variants which are supposed to be 40X more effective (TNF neutralization) in 
clinical testing for graft-versus-host disease at Johns Hopkins.  I do 
not know if the same toxicological concerns hold for these variants.

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