toxic candy?

Yibbels yibbels at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 12 21:34:15 EST 2005

Hi all,

Recently I decided to learn why, when I eat some kinds of
candy, such as Dots and Jujufruits, my gums immediately
react. In particular it feels as though they recede and the
nerves become exposed, causing severe discomfort if not pain.

I had assumed that it was the sugar. Most high-sugar-content
candies have a similar effect. Then I tried some sugary
candy that is made in Australia. No effect. And of course
Coca-Cola does not cause this pain or discomfort.

Thus it is not the sugar. The ingredients list for Dots
includes very few items, but one of them is "food starch".
After calling a company that makes food starch it is clear
that they use various manmade chemicals to alter the starch
to get the desired physical effect.

Having made a candy that uses cornstarch, I know that it is
not "starch" per se that causes my reaction. It must be
some chemical treatment of the starch. Or, concievably
it could be the food coloring. I know already that
I am allergic to Yellow coloring.

But has anyone ever analyzed these foods e.g. with a
chromatograph or spectrometer to determine what complex
chemicals are in them? Are there known cases of people
reacting to these candies?

Thanks for any info.

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