[Toxicology] mercury exposures AND reversible toxicity?

Charles Miller rellim at tulane.edu
Tue Aug 9 21:56:14 EST 2005

Hi Tox Group.

I read a story of a young boy (~5-6 years old) that ate 3 to 6 grams  
of tuna fish essentially every day for an extended period of time. He  
developed behavioral problems, inattention, and intellectual  
problems, etc., and was said to have inward curling of the fingers of  
both hands. He had elevated levels of blood Hg, and when he stopped  
eating the tuna his levels eventually returned to normal values and  
his normal activity and behaviors returned as well.

I have read in some texts that Hg damage to the CNS is usually not  
reversible. In this case there seems to have been a reversal of  
symptoms. Was this really a case of Hg poisoning from the over- 
consumption of tuna or could there be another toxic substance at work?

Chuck Miller

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