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Matthijs van Leeuwen (SimuGen Ltd.) mgjvanleeuwen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 12:06:36 EST 2005

Dear Experimental toxicologist,
 I am a student at cambridge University and am new to the field of 
experimental toxicology. For a project I am trying to get a sense of where 
drug/bioteh companies tend to do preclinical animal toxicology in the drug 
development pipeline. I have chatted with some people and realise that there 
is no golden rule… it appears that it can be done as early as in the drug 
discovery phase with a few trial screens just crudely assessing behavioural 
change as an indicator of toxicity. Presumably it always ends with a double 
mammal trial. Could somebody please point be to a resource or help me better 
understand the stages in the pipeline when in vivo toxicology may want to be 

Best regards,

Matthijs van Leeuwen
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