[Toxicology] LD50 (oral, rats) amygdalin in bitter almonds

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Thu Jun 9 14:18:50 EST 2005

Dear newsgroup readers,

The LD50 (oral, rats) of pure amygdalin is 880 mg/Kg B.W. But when
beta-glucosidases are present in the food 600 mg/Kg B.W. kills all
rats. (Adewusi SR, Oke OL Can J Physiol Pharmacol. 1985

But are the beta-glucosidases not all destroyed in the rats stomach by
pepsin? Is the lethal dose of HCN through uptake in the mouth of the
rats? Or does a large percentage of the beta-glucosidases molecules
survive the strong acidic stomach barrier (containing the protein
splitting enzyme pepsin)?

I only read the abstract of Adewusi et al. So I do not know how much
beta-glucosidases are present in the food!

But it seems to me that it must have been a lot because there is
already beta-glucosidases from microorganisms present in the intestines
of the rats (since they are used frequently as model for humans).

Pure amygdalin spiked with beta-glucosidases is a model for what
happens when you feed rats bitter almonds (which contain besides 4%
amygdalin also beta-glucosidases in different cell compartments).

Does any one know what the LD50 (oral, rats) bitter almonds is?

Kind regards,

Johan van der Galien

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