[Toxicology] Ozone Treatment of Water

mrwht mattrobwht at aim.com
Fri Nov 25 19:38:09 EST 2005

The chemical reaction is as follows:

ozone gas [O3] + water [H2O] -> oxygen gas [O2]+ hydrogen peroxide

I don't really understand why a litmus test done on water treated with
ozone shows purple, showing strong alkalinity. I thought hydrogen
peroxide is acidic in nature.

So we are actually drinking something alkaline out of this water if it
is not left to stand more than 20 minutes. My colleague tested the same
water after many hours with litmus solution, producing yellowish
outcome. Acidic....

What sort of chemical reactions have taken place? Will drinking
hydrogen peroxide be of any benefit to our health? It is said to have
more oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidising agent. All antioxidants
are reducing agents. I have heard of OH anions mopping H cations in the
body, cancelling free radical activities & acidity in our cells. BUT
H2O2... I really have no idea. Newest swimming pools are using this
water though because it does not have the side effects of liquid
chlorine which destroys our hair & nails... furthermore..residual
chemical compounds of chlorine is toxic. Even fishery & agriculture
farminga have started using ozonated water with amazing results.

What happens when we boil the hydrogen peroxide? Does it turn back to

Matthias Robin Wang Heng Teck
Undergraduate Student
Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition
Kansas State University

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