[Toxicology] toxicology by gasoline

Thomas Chamberlin tjc at jhc-law.com
Fri May 5 13:47:40 EST 2006



I am an attorney in Phoenix, Arizona and represent a woman who's car
developed a crack in the gas tank exposing her to fumes in the passenger
compartment, from the uncombusted gasoline.   My reason for bothering
you is to determine if you, or someone you can steer me to, have
expertise in the area of gasoline fume inhalation and toxicity resulting
therefrom.  I would like to discuss this issue and potentially utilize
you as an expert in a claim against the automotobile manufacturer and
dealer.  She complained of the smell and sought assistance; and we have
since learned there was a recall for this vehicle for cracks in the gas

.   She has suffered from a myriad of significant conditions and
illnesses, and it is necessary to evaluate the causal link, if any.  


   Please reply with your interest or the name and phone number of
someone else who might be interested in this issue. Thanks , and forgive
this intrusion into your e-mail.   Thomas Chamberlin

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