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Thu Aug 23 03:47:05 EST 2007

Sherri James wrote:
> I am looking for a Toxicologist that can read a toxicology report for my attorney. I was in an auto accident and had used meth and marijuana the day before. We are need to find out what the levels mean, if they contributed to the accident.
>   Could you please help
>   Thank you
>   Sherri
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Hi, Serri, I am a graduate at Toxicology of Drugs.
I know the effect of the marijuana, but the concentration of marijuana
contributed to the accident, is dependent of physiology of person and
habit to use the marijuana. In this last cases, the effect of
marijuana on person, is dependent of habit and frequency to abuse it.
The marijuana is detectable in urine after 4 day from administration.
The level of marijuana necessary to determinate a accident is not
important because the marijuana is illegal and any concentration is
illegal and make a risk. I know that in 1 cigarette of marijuana there
are 50 mg of active substance, but only 12 mg is absorption and make
the toxic and neurological effect.


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