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I am a 19 year old scholar of from Vienna, Austria and i have dealt with the amalgam issue for about half a year now. I found your text on the internet and i have  a question about this particular passage

"...and 4 fillings in adults and
seniors. It was recognized that filling size and location (occlusal
versus lingual or buccal) may also contribute to exposure. However,
data suggest that no improvement in prediction of exposure is offered
by any particular measure of amalgam load. Therefore, the estimates of
exposure derived from the number of filled teeth were considered as
reliable as those that might be based on size and position of amalgam
fillings, were such data available for the Canadian population."


It might be my English being not so good, but I don't really understand this. Does it mean that the size and position of the fillings were not used for these studies? I am asking this because I have four fillings, which are all on the first molars, and they all have quite a big surface. At one of them, the substance of the tooth is removed on the front and the back, i don't know the exact term for this, neither in English nor in German. 
So I was just wondering what this passage meant.

Forthermore, I found this text and I couldn't find any email adress in it, but it is also Canadian and so I thought you could help me with it too.


It contains exactly the same words as above, but there is a passage which says

"Dr. Richardson's report gave TDI levels which he felt was the level at which
neurologic symptoms could be observed. His findings may be accurate, however, some
individuals suffer irreversible damage with 4 fillings." (page 21)

Could you give me a more detailed explanation of this? Or are there more recent studies which could be helpful for me?

By the way, my interest in this topic is not part of my academical work, but exclusively personal. Also, the dentists I know here in Vienna don't know (or don't want to tell) any information this precise, so I hope that it is not a problem for you to give me scientific information on this medical issue.

Hope to here from you soon

Alex Mueller

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