[Toxicology] lead poisoning => permanent effect on neurotransmitters?

efffemm from f-m.fm via toxicol%40net.bio.net (by efffemm from f-m.fm)
Tue Mar 13 03:21:20 EST 2007

My wife got lead poisoning from a job many years ago. Since then,
she has been the "psycho bitch from hell".  There are 3 times
when she was a nice person.  Twice when she took tramadol for pain,
and when she took bupropion to give up smoking. She has taken many
prescription pills over the years, but only these 2 seemed to improve
her personality.
Tramadol increases GABA, noradrenaline & serotonin
Bupropion increases dompamine & noradrenaline
A quick web search tells me that lead poisoning can affect GABA,
noradrenaline and dopamine. Now I wish to know: does lead
poisoning irreversably screw up brain chemistry?

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