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  1. [Toxicology] Announcing Dose-Response Assessment Training Course   Miller, Charles A III
  2. [Toxicology] 15th International Conference on Environmental Bioindicators, Hong Kong, China, June 7-9   Miller, Charles A III
  3. [Toxicology] formaldehyde as a potent unexamined cofactor in cancer research -- sources include methanol, dark wines and liquors, aspartame, wood and tobacco smoke: IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans implicate formaldehyde in #88 and alcohol drinks in #96: some related abstracts: Murray 2007.04.30   Rich Murray
  4. [Toxicology] TCDD and sex ratio   Fabio
  5. [Toxicology] Re: TCDD and Sex Ratio   Miller, Charles A III
  6. [Toxicology] Re: TCDD and Sex Ratio   Fabio
  7. [Toxicology] post doc position   Shashi Ramaiah
  8. [Toxicology] Academic programs in Toxicology Courses   Hattan A. Al-Harbi
  9. [Toxicology] Wanted:Scientist / Senior Scientist - Toxicology, Cambridge MA   Rynak, John

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