[Toxicology] HFC-134a in Cars - Can it make you Crash?

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My father was in a motor vehicle accident 2 years ago. He just purchased
a brand new Chevy truck and was leaving the dealership when he noticed
that the air conditioner was not producing cool air. Upon inspection by
the service department they found a leak in the condenser. They did not
have the parts in stock to repair so they refilled the air system told
him to come back next week and he has on his way. My father does
remember the trip home - 45 minute ride. He was in a head on collision
and there was a fatality in the other car. Witnesses have a dad's head
down and to the left. There is no question he was out but could r134a
have done this? Could r134a find its way into the truck compartment? The
dealership and technician deny recharging the system. My father is not a
lair and has very limited knowledge of air conditioning systems. Could
you offer me any advice or help? He goes to court next week to defend
his honor. His son dan.......

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