Summary: What data sets are available?

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Thu Jun 24 09:07:25 EST 1993

My question: What data sets are/will be soon available for use
with ACeDB software?

Currently available:

acedb for C.elegans, ftp/gopher to 
aatdb for Arabidopsis, ftp/gopher to  
mycdb for Mycobacterium, ftp/gopher to
graingenes for Triticeae, gopher to for info


> From: Mike Cherry <CHERRY at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU>
> Besides worms and weeds I believe the only other publically released
> ACEDB db is MycDB by Staffan Bergh (staffan at of the Pasteur
> Institute on mycobacterium.  There was an announcement a couple months
> ago in bionet.announce. MycDB is available via anonymous ftp from
> or via Gopher from
> There are many others in the works. I shouldn't publically list all
> that I have heard about, each group should make their own
> announcements. But generally almost every genomic database you can
> think of is looking into using ACEDB as a method of distribution. Plus
> there are >10 other species databases from the plant and animal
> kingdoms that are developing an ACEDB database.

> From: bks at (Bradley K. Sherman)
> We will be making APtDB (A Pinus taeda Database) available soon.
> This will have all of our data for the construction of a 
> loblolly pine genetic map as well as a cross-index to a
> complete set of online autorads.
> p.s. by soon, I mean maybe September/October

> From: Lisa Lorenzen <lorenzen at>
> The USDA-ARS is currently funding three ACE-type databases, Soybean, Wheat/small grains, and Forest Crops. I am currently working on the
> soybean database, and can only say that it will be 'released' someday.
> The USDA is putting together a public database, called PGD, which is a
> relational database encompassing 'all' crop species.  The initial
> species involved in this are maize, soybean, wheat, forest trees, and 
> arabidopsis.

> From: reisner at (Alex Reisner)
> 	we run four 'acedb' types  ACeDB and AAtDB of course and
> GranGenes (David Mathews, cornell (mostly wheat and barley) MycDB
> for Mycobacteria  from the Pasteur.  I know of no others though am told
> Michael Ashburner is working on Dros., as is possibly a US group.

> From: glh at (Geoff Hughes)
> > 
> Currently, there are only the Arabidopsis(AAtDB) and ACeDB data sets available,
> as far as I know, but there are at least ten projects that are in the making;
> I am working on one of them. To get an idea of what's to come, take a look at
> ACeDB's latest release and look at the file tags.wrm in the wspec directory;
> this is where registered developers tag number allotments can be seen- I think
> Drosophila, human genome, and mice are among the databases being developed, and
> I am currently designing a new database from AAtDB for Chlamydomonas.

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