Proposed Extensions for ACEDB Query Builder

Mike Cherry cherry at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Mar 24 13:17:26 EST 1994

> >                          ...  There is a file called doc.tar.Z
> >which exists on all four servers:
> > ( in pub/acedb/ace2
> > ( in pub/acedb/ace2
> > ( in repository/acedb/ace2
> > ( in pub/databases/acedb/ace2
> In this there are 4 PostScript files:
> which are very helpful.  I was unable to print these --at first--
> as they are formatted for A4 paper and my HP LaserJet 4M printer
> demanded that I put some in.  So I told it that I had put some
> in (a lie) and it seems to be printing them okay.
> I will add a note about this to the FAQ.  (If anyone wants to
> convert the .tex files to 8.5" x 11" format PostScript and
> make these available via anonymous ftp, I'll add a pointer.)
>     --bks

The TeX and PostScript versions of these files are also on the ACEDB
Developer's Archive, anonymous ftp to look in
acedb_doc. The PostScript version print fine on normal US size paper.
With the appropriate TeX software you can produce a copy of these
papers for most any printer.

Also note that in the directory acedb_dev there are many file that
might be of interest to folks configuring ACEDB and utilities to
convert files into Ace format.


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