Help me find the fountain of youth!

James B Saxon jsaxon at cs.tamu.edu
Mon Aug 19 17:36:30 EST 1991

In article <1159 at witch.witchcraft.com> conklin at witchcraft.com (Rob Conklin) writes:
>I am interested in getting some idea where on the network one might
>start browsing to get information about ageing research, particularly
>with respect to life-extension techniques, therapies, etc.  Also,
>I am interested in news groups that might relate to human intelligence
>and the whole "smart-drug/nutrient" phenomenon. 
>I would much appreciate any leads here.
>Please send mail -- THANKS
>PS. I am fairly new to USENET, so please keep it simple!

Please include me if anybody finds information about
maintaining intelligence or youth through forms of 

One item that caught my interest is that there
seems to be a correlation between IQ and neural transmission
speed.  Thus if anybody knows anything about increasing
this speed using medications and the like let me know.  I
heard that the myelineation process that occurs on some
of our neurons (which speeds up certain types of long axons)
tapers off at around 20 and that it is caused by hormones no
longer being produced.  Any leads?

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