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The following is being posted for Carol Osterer.  Please direct all 
followup to her (Carole_Osterer at WGBH.ORG).


The public television series, "The Secret of Life", is seeking 
scientific visualizations of molecular and genetic processes.  The 
series, which is about the current revolution in molecular biology and 
genetics, will consist of eight one-hour films and related material.  It 
is scheduled for broadcast over PBS early in 1993.  I have listed the 
titles of the films below:

	1. The Unity of Life
	2. Evolution and Genetic Diversity
	3. Birth, Sex and Death
	4. The Seeds of Destruction (cancer) 
	5. We Have Seen the Enemy (the immune system)
	6. Designing Life (transgenic plants and animals)
	7. Shaping Ourselves (genetic disease and therapy)
	8. Beyond Our Genes (genes and behavior)

We are looking at this point for computer-generated molecular 
models of any kind or any other graphics or animation related to 
molecular biology and genetics.  If you are doing such work or know 
of top-quality work being done, please be in touch.  I can be reached 
electronically at this address:  Carole_Osterer at WGBH.ORG, or by 
phone at 617-492-2777, ext. 4352, or by fax at 617-787-5781.  
Thanks very much. 

Carole Osterer

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