Alzheimer's disease

Joseph T. Devlin jdevlin at pollux.usc.edu
Thu Nov 19 18:57:08 EST 1992

Hello all,
  I have been doing some research into the Alzheimer's
literature and I characteristicly find a dichotomy between
the cognitive deficits of AD and the known neuropathology
of the disease.  As yet I haven't seen even any suggestions
as to how the two might relate.
  What I am interested in is what the possible implications
of amyloid plaque build-up and neurofibrillary tangles might
be.  I understand that in general noone knows but there must
be some suggestions out there.  If anyone could point me to
appropriate literature I would appreciate it.  In addition,
if anyone was willing to make off-the-record speculations
within this group I would appreciate reading those too.
  Thank you for your help.

						- Joe

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