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In article <6286 at krafla.rhi.hi.is> einararn at rhi.hi.is (Einar Arnason) writes:
> 	What i would like to know is wheter there is some newer
> summary of agetheory available somewhere ( I mean something like G.C.W.).
> I would also really like if people could share their opinion of what such
> an article should include and maybe explain where ageing theory is going
> to day. Is it going molecular still or is evoltion still ther? I anyone
> has any info on death-genes in drosophila or other organisms that would
> be nice to...
Yes, check out Michael Rose's book, "Evolutionary Biology of Ageing" (Oxford  
Univ. Press, 1990).  After reading Stearns and Williams, you probably will be  
well-prepared to read this book.  To paraphrase  from reviews in Nature and  
Science, Rose surveys and synthesizes the literature on ageing in the light  
evolutionary theory. 

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