It may not be that bad (Re: desirability of aging.

Gavin L. Gim jin at atlantis.rutgers.edu
Mon Jun 13 00:14:37 EST 1994

gt8623b at prism.gatech.edu (William Shelly Hayes) writes:

>The initial aspects of a means to stop aging if it were cheap enough to be
>generally available would be devastating to our society.  One third of our
>society would be back at work (as they would be essentially very knowledgeable
>twenty year olds) and the birth rate would not slow down significantly.  This
>cannot help but to generate a lot of war and other craziness as the 
>population increases.  

I think eventually human beings have to leave the earth. It will be highly
desirable to live much longer than the natural life span in a spaceship.
Travelling between two planets of two different solar systems takes thousands
of years if Einstein's prediction that nothing can be faster than light is

I think the pregresses in physics and engineering will parallel that of biology
so when the day comes that ageing can really be stopped, space travelling
will not be far away. Therefore, human beings can keep reproducing and living
long as long as we expand to other planets.

Hopefully, those two technologies, spaceship and life-prolonging, come
out at the same time. Then your worries will be solved.


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