Rate of cancer occurrence with age

Cathy Woodgold woodgold at seismo.emr.ca
Fri Jun 17 11:33:14 EST 1994

In article 3so at nwfocus.wa.com, venezia at zgi.com (Domenick Venezia) writes:
>... Bruce Ames says that cancer goes up with the fifth power of
> age.  Bottom line: if you live long enough cancer will get you.  But I am
> not sure that it follows that if we extend life through telomeric extension,
> i.e., the suppression of cellular senescence, that the occurrance of cancer 
> would follow the same power function.  We need to think about why cancer
> increases with age.  Is it that we are generating more replication errors
> with age?  ...
> What does TISSATAAFL stand for or mean?

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