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Sat Jun 25 00:58:06 EST 1994

    You get into the finer points and the nunces of what people say
or you think they say, so on add tedium. The big problem with 
evolution and by implication ageing is that you do not have a clue.

    Darwin's theory is defective in important respects. Mainly
because life as we know it is not evolving fast enough to go
from primodal slime to mankind in 3 billion years.

    Now I am not involking GOD. It seems that when we do not 
understand something we assign it to the control of GOD. When we 
figure out how it works and see that GOD does not have anything to
do with it we take it out of his providence. We do not seem to
solve anything and say, I understand how it works and GOD has control.

    As well as not evolving fast enough, there are no new species
being made. the time we believe we see that is in the fossil
records after each extinction. Looking at the fossil records
in the lime stone cliffs, the lower layers are the simpler life
forms. The next layer has some but not all of the old life forms.
Then it has some improved models and some new species that did not
exist before.

    One thing about a layer of fossils, they have to be covered
over quickly to be preserved. Like a meteor impact. Otherwise 
the scavengers turn them to dust.

   The conditions on earth after a meteor impact that we do not
have now is that the earths magnetic field was moving for a
period of time, perhaps thousands of years.This ongoing, non-reversing
moving field supplied the energy for the origin of life and the 
voltage polarity for chirality. It also helps cells live better 
and evolve.

    Well this is a pretty long spiel and we still have not gotten to
ageing. Ageing is a ailment like scurvy,rickets, pellagra and
beri beri. In those ailments we knew they were not normal because 
not every-one was effected. Just now our body uses 20 amino acids
There is the chemical capabilities of about 28 amino acids. They
are finding parts of 22 amino acids in the old diggings.

    So between the missing moving magnetic field, missing amino acids
and who knows what else, perhaps a vitamin or two that we do not know 
about because no living thing makes it now.

    Given these possibilities there may come a time when GOD is
left with a very small turf.

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